Monday, August 29, 2011

I forgot how hard this is

Well, yesterday we walked from 7:00 a.m. til 3:p,m., out of Cizur Menor and into Puente La Reina.  We started through fields which slowly turned into a fairly steep incline and then a harder and rockier incline.  Reaching the top, we saw the pilgrim sculpture you see at the beginning of this blog, pictures that my sister took in 2008.  Good thing because there was a Mass then with at least 150 people there and us.  We stayed only a few minutes, and began the steep, rocky slope down.  I had forgotten how hard that was.  and how long.  I was praying to keep standing.  A fall would put me down like a turtle on its back.  walked and walked.  12 miles.  Finally got to our albergue which was on the other side of town.  The very smart thing we did was to have the backpacks transported to the albergue.  There they sat, waiting for us.  Today was to be an easy day.  only 9 miles.  but it was up many slopes of at least 45´I was standing at an angle trying to rest.  Crossed an old Roman bridge across the Roman road and up some more.  We are in a quaint Medeival town called Lorca in a wonderful albergue. My second toe has a bruise already from rubbing against the big toe.  But we´ll march on.  Tomorrow we wiill walk only 6 miles and take a bus to Los Arcos.  There is only 1 albergue and no potable water for 22 km.  The other albeergue is closed.   It was the one I had worked in 2006.  My hips are fine.  It is everything else that hurts.    

Friday, August 26, 2011

in pamplona

it is Friday afternoon and i will be staying here another night.  Terry, a friend of a friend, who is traveling with me convinced me to stay here another night.  wasn´t too hard as i had slept til 10a.m. today.  The bus to Roncesvalles still hasn´t left pamplona yet and i thoought myself, why travel up the mountain, only to come back down into pamplona two days from now?  Didn´t make any sense.  so we will walk out of pamplona into a small village, only about 10 km from here.  That will be easy enough tomorrow.  i figured out i could probably do this in 40 days.  Quite a spiritual number.   i am still trying to figure out blog and this keyboard.  i am finished.  maybe more tomorrow from Cizur menor. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Test Post.

As most of you know I am not the most teckie person in the world.  I am posting this on Sat. afternoon just to make sure it is done correctly and that people get it.  Otherwise... HELP!!