Friday, August 26, 2011

in pamplona

it is Friday afternoon and i will be staying here another night.  Terry, a friend of a friend, who is traveling with me convinced me to stay here another night.  wasn´t too hard as i had slept til 10a.m. today.  The bus to Roncesvalles still hasn´t left pamplona yet and i thoought myself, why travel up the mountain, only to come back down into pamplona two days from now?  Didn´t make any sense.  so we will walk out of pamplona into a small village, only about 10 km from here.  That will be easy enough tomorrow.  i figured out i could probably do this in 40 days.  Quite a spiritual number.   i am still trying to figure out blog and this keyboard.  i am finished.  maybe more tomorrow from Cizur menor. 


  1. Good luck on the mountain! Kath

  2. Hurrah for you! I'm following you in my thoughts and prayers. How is the weather?