Saturday, September 3, 2011

Getting into the groove.

Yesterday I was walking in the fresh early morning, thinking about how beautiful was the sunrise and the vinyards and the camino.  My feet weren´t hurting and the backkpack wasn´t even heavy.  All was very right with the world. I was getting into the mental state, I can do this.  This is what I remember from the first Camino.  I didn´t even ask once, Why am I doing this?.  We were planning on a 10 mile day and we knew we could make it easily.  then all of a sudden my  knee was acting stupid.  It hurt.  With every step it hurt.  I really had to lean on my stick.  I managed to get into Najera, bought a knee brace and took a taxi the last 5 km into Azofra.  I rested it, iced it and lay low.  This morning I couldn´t move any easier, in fact it was more painful and I have to figure out a new plan. 

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