Thursday, September 1, 2011

limping along into Ventosa

We did not walk too much today.  Yesterday we walked from Viana into Logrono and left the Swedish women, who sailed merrily along.  Terry had back spasms and my toes were burning, so we took a bus to Navarette.  Stayed in a basic little pension and treated our bodies.  The Swedish sisters stayed in Navarette today and Terry and I walked only 7km. to Ventosa.  It is a lovely village among many vinyards and has the lovliest albergue I have ever been in.  It is calm and imvitimg, has softly playing classical music and also has a lovely garden.  I am so glad we didn´´t go to the next town with its warehouse of 100 pilgrims.j  This only holds 25.  Tomorrow I hope to walk 16 km of relative flat and hopefully won´´t talk myself out of this.  I have the debate every morning.  Why am I even doing this??  I have done it before.  A bad day in Spain is sure a lot better than a good day at work.  I´´ll get into the groove soon.  

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  1. Hang in there! This is a HUGE meditation for you!! Go to that place that is past the body! This is YOUR conversation with GOD!

    Be at PEACE! Be real! This is not about what anyone else may think about you, this is what you think about yourself! God LOVES you walking or riding!! ENJOY!!! IN JOY!