Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Northern Coast

Terry and I decided to rest up at the northern coast.  A little fishing village, San Vicente de la Barquera was recommended by sseveralj people.  It took a few buses, but we got here Mon. afternoon and it is just lovely.  The colors are lustrous. It is on a bay with a great high and low tide.  Right now many fishing boats are on the sandbars.  Something about the Bay of Biscay and like Mt. San Michel, I guess.  What do I know about tides, high or low?  I live in the desert.  We will be making our way down to Leon and onto Madrid tomorrow.  Since I can´t walk much, I can´t even enjoy tourist things. I do want to get home and have my Dr. check this out. I want to make sure my knee ligament or cartilage is only stretched and not torn.  Nor do I want to do any more harm to my body by trying to compensate.  Remember when I said"A bad day in Spain is better than a good day at work"??  I have changed my mind.  

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