Monday, September 12, 2011

Home sweet home

I arrived back home Sat. night.  After many hours in airports and on planes, we arrived in Albuquerque in the evening.  What a welcome sight!  Spain was a wonderful experience.  I still haven't figured out the big picture of why my knee got stupid, and maybe I'll never know.  I know I would have tried hard to walk the Camino, but as a friend once said," there are many different kinds of pilgrimages."So, this is the last installment of this story.  I know there will be more stories, though.  thanks for your thoughts and encouraging words. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Northern Coast

Terry and I decided to rest up at the northern coast.  A little fishing village, San Vicente de la Barquera was recommended by sseveralj people.  It took a few buses, but we got here Mon. afternoon and it is just lovely.  The colors are lustrous. It is on a bay with a great high and low tide.  Right now many fishing boats are on the sandbars.  Something about the Bay of Biscay and like Mt. San Michel, I guess.  What do I know about tides, high or low?  I live in the desert.  We will be making our way down to Leon and onto Madrid tomorrow.  Since I can´t walk much, I can´t even enjoy tourist things. I do want to get home and have my Dr. check this out. I want to make sure my knee ligament or cartilage is only stretched and not torn.  Nor do I want to do any more harm to my body by trying to compensate.  Remember when I said"A bad day in Spain is better than a good day at work"??  I have changed my mind.  

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Plan

Took a transport into Santo Domingo de la Calzada along with 5 other pilgrims.  Three of us had bum knees.  The taxi van let me off at the urgent care because I was in the most pain.  They went on to the albergue with my pack.  Saw the teenage doctor(as my sisster would say) who told me I stretched something.  She didn´t think it tore, but without xrays, she couldn´t tell.  2oo euros later, I got to the albergue knowing that she also said your camino is finished.  I feel really bad because just yesterday, all was well and I was getting stronger.  I was ready to come home, but Terry said, rest, and then decide.  You can´t even walk, much less sit in an airplane for hours.  So I am thinking to maybe take a few days and then go to the North coast where I have never been.  I don´t know.  But it will be a different adventure. 

Getting into the groove.

Yesterday I was walking in the fresh early morning, thinking about how beautiful was the sunrise and the vinyards and the camino.  My feet weren´t hurting and the backkpack wasn´t even heavy.  All was very right with the world. I was getting into the mental state, I can do this.  This is what I remember from the first Camino.  I didn´t even ask once, Why am I doing this?.  We were planning on a 10 mile day and we knew we could make it easily.  then all of a sudden my  knee was acting stupid.  It hurt.  With every step it hurt.  I really had to lean on my stick.  I managed to get into Najera, bought a knee brace and took a taxi the last 5 km into Azofra.  I rested it, iced it and lay low.  This morning I couldn´t move any easier, in fact it was more painful and I have to figure out a new plan. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

limping along into Ventosa

We did not walk too much today.  Yesterday we walked from Viana into Logrono and left the Swedish women, who sailed merrily along.  Terry had back spasms and my toes were burning, so we took a bus to Navarette.  Stayed in a basic little pension and treated our bodies.  The Swedish sisters stayed in Navarette today and Terry and I walked only 7km. to Ventosa.  It is a lovely village among many vinyards and has the lovliest albergue I have ever been in.  It is calm and imvitimg, has softly playing classical music and also has a lovely garden.  I am so glad we didn´´t go to the next town with its warehouse of 100 pilgrims.j  This only holds 25.  Tomorrow I hope to walk 16 km of relative flat and hopefully won´´t talk myself out of this.  I have the debate every morning.  Why am I even doing this??  I have done it before.  A bad day in Spain is sure a lot better than a good day at work.  I´´ll get into the groove soon.